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Dear LifeCoach

I have AdventureSunday last weekend. I meet some geeky friends and went to the Science Museum, I like to call it the SciMu.
Saw the usual cool things and had some very nice coffee. We also endured the most persistant beggar in the world, his patter included it being our fault that he might steal something later on.
I didn't make it to the gym - by choice I will point out, not because I forgot. I've been super tired & need to remember to take my iron tablets!
Dear LifeCoach

I managed to have my Adventure Day on Saturday allbeit a bit later than planned. I went to the London Transport Musuem in Covent Garden.
It was good, apart from the apallingly behaved children that were there I enjoyed myself.
I was saddened by the Gift Shop but did manage to get a set of cards with old posters on them - something I'll have to get on with framing soon.


note to self

Do not wear wool trousers 3 days in a row.

(Different trousers but all wool)

Sep. 27th, 2008

Choices for the rest of the day.
A) Continue with the reasonably pleasant but ultimately soul destroying because it's school work on a Saturday UCAS reference writing.
B) Do housewifely like chores including recycling and going to library.
C) Throw caution to the winds and risk possible shoe disappointment in central London.


Things that aren't fair.

1. Somebody who doesn't particularly enjoy travelling getting to go to Malta + Canada + India because of their job and I can't because of money and bloody school.
2. Life



This may be in the style of Randell Munroe, it does not however display the same level of skillz


Jul. 30th, 2008

A wave of apathy hit me yesterday, coniciding with the need for me to leave to go to do a new Tai Chi class, so rather annoyingly I didn't actually make it.

Was feeling a small measure of self loathing at this point to made myself some tabbouleh which will taste even better today & got round to iorning the 22 shirts that were lurking in the corner of the living room, so at least something got done.


What I did at school today ...

Because I could.

Good Things About Marking Exam Scripts

1. Money
2. Actually quite cool to use up a whole pen before losing it. (This year I got through 3.a bit red biros)
3. I discovered Thinking Allowed on Radio4, It's a programme about social science research, some of them have been really interesting, so far I've listened to all the back 'issues' upto July last year.