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Musing on the nature of time.

If someone were to ask me why I stay in teaching I'd be hard pushed to answer. I really don't know. I do mostly enjoy what I do and I work with some fantastic people (other teachers), some of the students are brilliant (brain wise) and I enjoy the challenge (some days anyway).

This doesn't often come across, get more than two teachers in a room and invariably the conversation comes around the sheer frustration the job causes and the blinding stupidity (not necessarily in an intelligence sense) of some students. You rarely hear a teacher talking about how great a lesson was (British reserve maybe?).
I do have a point by the way.

The thing that kills me about the job is the amount of time it takes away from me, I get into school before 7.00am (day starts at 8.15am) and usually leave around 4.45pm, I'll do at least 2 hours of work at home most nights and will always be doing school work for at least half of Sunday. Obviously I do much less in the holidays but I sometimes think of school as this evil dragon eating up my life.

It's 23rd Feb, half-way through the spring term, this means it's half-way through the school year! Where did those 5 months go? Life flashes by so quickly (although it always seems like ages till the next holiday.) Someone asked me how long I'd been teaching the other day, it took me a long time to work it out because I couldn't remember. It feels like yesterday that I was a very nervous NQT but it was actually 4 years ago that I started doing this gig.
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