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And then all of a sudden it's April.

About a million things have happened over the last couple of weeks ok, maybe not a million then.

The shop we live above was broken into last week, and a neighbours car was stolen.

I'm still coughing and now the puking part has come back. Recent conversations have me worried about what I might actually have. The doctor gave me a bunch of drugs though so, fingers crossed I won't actually need the chest x-ray he is suggesting.

Have actually managed to start divorce petition though (well it has been nearly 3 years since we separated), athough it did cost me a chunk of money, £300 in fact.

Good and nice things include: reading lots and this evening had a very civilised 'High Tea', that I greatly enjoyed, even though I did a cinderella act at 8.00pm.

Go Me.
Tags: deep thoughts
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