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50 book challenge

Because, oh yes, I read some books. I keep on forgetting to post the books I've read as I actually read them. I've got a quite a high tally, mostly due to 'The Cough' and lying around feeling ill. I would comment on the different titles but I can't really remember them all.

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  1. 10 Second Staircase Christopher Fowler
  2. Full Dark House Christopher Fowler re-read

  3. Victorian Sensation Michael Diamond
  4. The Skin Gods Richard Montanari
  5. Last Reminder Stuart Pawson
  6. The Great Stink Clare Clark
  7. Bad Food Britain Joanna Blythman

  8. The Victorian House Judith Flanders
  9. Guns, germs and steel - a short history of everybody for the last 13 000 years Jared Diamond

  10. Micro-Nations: the Lonely Planet guide to Home-Made Nations John Ryan, George Dunford & Simon Sellars

  11. Why don't Penguins Feet Freeze and 114 other questions New Scientist
  12. The Shape of Sand Marjorie Eccles

  13. Three Sheets to the Wind Pete Brown
  14. Jane Austen - The World of Her Novels Deirdre Le Faye

  15. The Art of Dying Vera Cork
  16. Coalescent Stephen Baxter
  17. The Very Best of Linda Smith edited Warren Larkin & Ian Parsons

  18. Beyond Words John Humpreys
  19. Honeymoon James Patterson & Howard Roughan
  20. The Codex Douglas Preston
  21. Roseanna Maj Sjöwall
    & Per Wahlöö
  22. Flowers For The Judge Margery Allingham
  23. The Crimson Petal and the White Michel Faber
  24. The Devil's Star Jo Nesbo & Don Bartlett
  25. The Thirteen Problems Agatha Christie

  26. Murder in Mesopotamia Agatha Christie
  27. Cue The Easter Bunny Liz Evans
  28. The Lizard's Bite David Hewson

  29. Going Postal Terry Pratchett re-read
  30. Birdman Mo Hayder
  31. Jack the Ripper - The Definitive History Paul Beggs
  32. Problem at Pollensa Bay Agatha Christie
  33. Break No Bones Kathy Reichs
  34. Missing Karin Alvtegen

  35. The Truth Terry Pratchett re-read
  36. The Cipher Garden Martin Edwards
  37. The Verdict of Us All edited by Peter Lovesey
  38. The Remains of An Alter Phil Rickman
  39. Freakonomics Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner re-read
  40. Princess Spider
  41. The Various Haunts of Men Susan Hill

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