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shoes of doom

I usually enjoy looking for/buying shoes, but I guess 'looking' is much easier to do that buying shoes for a specific purpose. I'm going to the sixth form leavers prom in two weeks, I have a kick-ass dress*, but suitable shoes was proving to a difficulty (budget, inability to walk properly in heels etc.) bioguyver was of absolutely no help, 'They're shoes' was pretty much his only comment.
So I enlist aid from people at work, we find pairs online that would be good then I proceed to attempt to buy the shoes in an actual shop (did I mention I have only 2 weeks until the prom?) and OF COURSE they don't have my size.
I bravely refrained from having a tantrum/crying fit** and then scoured the shops for something that would do.
Fortunately I found something (slightly too expensive) that I wasn't quite sure I liked but they are growing on me and now I can not worry about having to walk with a stick/practice for the next two weeks in unsuitably high heels.

* I won't be sporting the pouty cross look myself though.