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Dude looks like a lady

I saw Aerosmith on Sunday and it was awesome (in the Eddie Izzard sense). My second ever live rock concert and it was fantastic!

The 3 hours of rain prior to them coming on stage, not so great. But had brolly AND waterproofs and the ever resourceful bioguyver had insisted on bringing emergency blankets - good for sitting on whist under said brolly.

Took me pretty much all of Chris Cornell's set to work out what band he used to be in. (whatever, I'm not that hardcore ok, and the grammar police can go away aswell.)

I was far too over excited and had to be picked up by bioguyver so I could see properly a number of times, but it was worth it. Not sure how his back about all that leaping around.

Felt like shit all day Monday at school though.