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Although I have enjoyed lying about doing pretty much nothing for the last couple of weeks I think that I'm going to need to do some stuff with the rest on my holidays. If not I'll get to 3rd September and feel that I've wasted my summer.

I've managed to do a few things in the last week such as visit The Wellcome Collection interesting but not as many body parts in jars as I was hoping for.
I also finally made it to the GBBF this year, every year I remeber it's on at the start of August, rush to check the CAMRA website, then realise I've missed it again. Not this year though! Had lots of perry, cider & a couple of cheeky ales.
Yesterday I helped a friend move from Brighton to London - this involved much sweat and many bricks.

Constructive things done today
Made Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble
Reorganised my standing orders so that I'll be marginally less overdrawn for the whole month.
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