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results day (part one)

Yesterday was results day for the sixth form students, AS & A2 results. Although I haven't taken any exams myself this year there was definitely a mini set of butterflies in my stomach on the approach to school, I'm sure the students were feeling significantly more nervous than me.

I've taught some of these students for two years and over that time you get to know them well, what their hopes and aspirations are, what they like & dislike, what the gossip is, who fancies who, who is feuding with who and this is part of what makes me nervous. I'm hoping that they have got the results they wanted or needed, thinking about how to console those who've missed their shot by a little (or a lot).

It's one of the best parts of the job, congratulating somebody who got an A, B ar even an E and weren't expecting it, surprised that they did so well. It's one of the most heartbreaking when somebody who did work hard just misses out on their choice of future, a few marks here and they have to try and think of something else, another option to follow.

The A2 results are more anxiety inducing than the AS, the lower sixth have a year to change their results through resits and a renewed attitude to work but for the A2 candidates that's it, game over. Some students do come back to try to up their grades but not many & it doesn't often work out so this year was really their best shot.

Our A2 results this year were good 1/3 of the class got an A, one 1/3 got a B and the rest a mix of C, D & E. One person got a U which means we haven't got a 100% pass rate, but that's not uncommon in Chemistry. The AS results a spread of good, bad and ugly. One candidate got full marks on one of their papers, big pats on the back for them.

All a bit emotional really, and next week is GCSE results day.
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