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My to do list for today

At school

  1. mark year 7 unit tests

  2. mark year 9 unit tests

  3. plan lessons for ...

    1. wednesday (5 lessons)

    2. thursday (3 lessons)

    3. friday (5 lessons)

  4. remember to do morning duty (contractual) and lunch duty (paid)

  5. organise printing of handouts for class

  6. enter test results for year 11 into database (and wince at poor marks)

  7. tidy lab (again)

  8. start organising GCSE cupboard since the syllabus has changed

  9. find exam questions for homeworks

  10. registration of form

At home

  1. put away washing

  2. do ironing

  3. sort out coursework for marking

  4. eat food

  5. buy stuff for practical tomorrow from shop

Whine, whine, blah, blah, blah