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This week my default setting is ...

fucking tired.

I can't decided if this is better or worse than last week, where the default setting appeared to be fucking pissed off. The days certainly pass faster in the white heat of rage, but it plays havoc with my back muscles.

Exhustion this week is mostly due to parents open evening, please bring your lovely child to our school, no really it's great here. I'd rant more but after reading a post by romiscula, I feel my mostly white, middle class teaching experience doesn't compare. At all.

Hilarious school story for this week, young year 7 students seemes to think we use a 'Bunce and burner ' to set fire to things, Bless.



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Oct. 5th, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC)
Bloody open evenings... Our school has such a bad press (its not bad, in fact in terms of Value added, we're best in our whole LEA) that I spent my evening entertaining kids who were already part of the school but stayed behind to "help"...

At least it was only 2.25-5.30... and we were teaching up to 3.15...

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