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7 Things For 2007

Saw this on a friends LJ & wasn't going to copy it, but then I thought about it & realised I do have 7 things to record for posterity (and I haven't written anything here for a while).

1. I got DIVORCED! Yeah me.

2. I got a PROMOTION, more work + tiny amount of extra money.

3. I finally have one colour hair. A rather iffy permanent home dye-job nearly 2 years ago has meant two tone hair for ages, I now have had enough hair cuts to get shot of the wrong colour.

4. I discovered the joys of clear mascara, all the benefits of normal mascara without all the splodgy black messy bits that I usually spread over my face when I attempt make-up.

5. I saw Aerosmith in Hyde Park

6. I saw Pink at the Brixton Academy, bioguyver was possibly more excited than me about this.

7. I wore heels to the Leavers Prom in June and didn't fall down the stairs afterwards - this is big for me!
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