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A year in review

1) Give up smoking (again). FAIL
2) Get divorced.WIN
Top two - although the numbers are misleading as they are both important.
3) Lose mysterious poundage that has crept onto my bottom area. (how did that happen?)not sure
4) Read 50 books. WIN did in fact read 60 by the end of April and then gave up recording what I'd been reading.

5) Complete various teachery type things;
including but not limited to:
a. not lose temper with year 11 FAIL
b. get more marking & reports done on time WIN
c. more networking: less gossiping in smoking room (see 1.) FAIL
d. professional development blah blah blah WIN
6) Spend less money on things I don't need (but want) not sure
7) Come to terms with bushyness of eyebrows OR learn to pluck properly not sure
8) Remember all birthdays this year. FAIL
9) Learn to walk properly in heels. (Not like bandy legged crane) WIN
10) Resist urge to dye hair using permanent hair colour that will annoy me as it grows out over the following years. WIN

On reflection 5a. was never going to come to pass, was nearly there with 8 but then missed my stepmothers birthday by 2 days. With number 10 I did however cave and buy some 'Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy temporaryish' hair dye (Chili Red) and may have to use this before school starts NOT permanent so DOESN'T count.

Final tally
FAIL = 4
WIN = 6
not sure = 3



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Jan. 2nd, 2008 12:45 pm (UTC)
So all in all a successful year then?
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