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This time last year I ...

was MORE hungover
was MORE married
had MORE hair (longer)...
...that was much MORE red than now
my debit were BIGGER

was LESS of an aunt (i refuse to be called 'auntie' with every fibre of my being)
had a job with LESS responsibility
had FEWER suits (hennes sale)
knew LESS xhtml & css (not that I really know that much now)
had FEWER bottles of fizzy wine in my fridge

was about the SAME weight
owned about the SAME number of shoes (no, really, I resisted the urge many, many hard times this year)
had the SAME number of tattoos (will try to amend that this year - there are signs & portents that are telling me to get more ink)
owned about the SAME number of books - due to 'massive' shelf clear out balanced out by large amazon gift certificate