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Ever expanding musical taste

Ever since 'The Flying Pickets' I've had a fondness for vocals only music and now all of a sudden I got a thing for College A Cappella groups. Who Knew.

First off bioguyver sent me this link which me laugh, but also curious, I listened to all the Straight, No Chaser songs I could find and this one is my nearly favourite, it's difficult to choose as they also do Africa by Toto and The Carol of the Bells both are quite cool.
I also found a group called On The Rocks who do a version of Insomniac, this is a song I've never heard before bit it's my new favourite-mustplay-it-until-I'm-sick-of-it-song. The UC Men's Octet has some ispired choices - such as 'I like Big Butts' and a Nirvana Medly, funny.
I wonder what will strike my fancy next?
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