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The Teeth Dream becomes REAL

Every now and then I have a truly nasty dream where many of my teeth fall out, I happens in a variety of situations but it's such a realistic dream, you can actually feel the teeth leaving your gums as you're dreaming. I often wake up suddenly after having it and find myself physically checking my teeth are still in my head. Like I said, nasty.

Related to this is the fact I haven't been to a dentist for 8 years (for a myriad of reasons) and finally made an appointment to go yesterday.
Apparently some of my teeth are completely beyond saving & I have been referred to hospital to have 4 - 6 unrecoverable teeth removed.
Entirely my own fault for not going before now but still; 4 I can cope with but 6! Six teeth - that'll leave me with only 26 left. I count myself lucky all the problems I have are at the back of my mouth other wise I'd end up looking like Shane MacGowan
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