mrsbioguyver (mrsbioguyver) wrote,

50 book challenge

#5 Last Reminder by Stuart Pawson
One of the 'easy reads' I like to pick up at the library when my brain is frazzled and I want to be entertained without to much thinking

I really enjoy reading crime stories & crime thrillers, many of the crimebooks I read have female protagonists (J D Robb, Sue Grafton) but I have nothing against a man being in charge (Ruth Rendell, Dashiell Hammett).
One of the good thing about Stuart Pawsons book is that the main character , Charlie Priest, is that he is a well balanced person. Doesn't drink too much, has sustainable relationships with people, and doesn't get fired every 5 minutes - might sound a bit boring but actually the story is well written enough that you don't need any other hooks. It's refreshing to read a well presented male detective too.
I've read about 3/4 of the books in the series, not in order though which is a little frustrating but that's what happens when you rely on the library for most of your book intake.
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