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In the style of Bridget Jones (I make no apologies for enjoying these books)

Buttons sewn onto new shirts 12 minutes before catching a train AND it staying on all day = 1
Museums visited = 1 the (Sir John Soane museum in Lincolns Inn Fields)
Sets of Hogarths 'A Rakes Progress' in postcard form bought = 1
Oranjeboom drunk = 1 pint
Shoes bought = 0 ha! not obsessed after all
Mechanical Pencil Sharpeners bought = 1
Books started = 2
Books finished = 2 not the same two started though
Minutes sat in delightful evening sun = about 15 (it was actually rather breezy and i was wearing flipflops)
Minutes spent on sleeping during afternoon = 80 ish, I love sleeping in the afternoon, even at my age it feels naughty
Number of items of clothing worn that aren't black = 4/5 - this is good for me! All the kids at school are convinced I'm a goth
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