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It's the time of year for exam marking, doing more of my most favourite activity for cold hard cash.

This year is a bit different though, the exams are being administered by Another Company, who have already shown themselves to be a bit shonky.

I got a Very Important Letter about training dates in which I was informed I needed to make sure I was able to sign for a Very Important Package on the 18th April. So like a Good Girl I stayed in all day yesterday waiting for my Very Important Package. When it hadn't turned up by 5pm I called The Company. Aparently they made a tiny bit of a mistake and my Very Important Package will be delivered on the 19th instead.

Thanks Company, no really, I enjoyed waiting in all day yesterday for my non-delivery and I look forward to staying in all day today too.

On the plus side I have got all my coursework marked and finished off making the 16 drawers needed for my new Ikea bedroom furniture display.
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