mrsbioguyver (mrsbioguyver) wrote,

my weekend

6.00am wake up, put kettle on, remember Not Allowed coffee, go back to bed.
6.32am give up pretend not to be stressed, smoke cigarette, get dressed (loose+comfortable)
6.42am take off loose+comfortable t-shirt & find something which doesn't need to go on/off over my head.
6.53am think about another cigarette, think about waking up bioguyver resist both
7.03am bioguyver alarm goes off, think about smoking again resist
7.08am give in and have cigarette
7.29am arrive Day Surgery, remember to take off ring & give to bioguyver
7.45am answer questions about health, admit to body piercing, admit cannot remove said body piercing (nurse laughs)
7.47am to toilet to but tape onto body piercing (alone), dress in fetching hospital gown, marvel at hairyness of legs (must book appointment), read book.
8.00am meet surgeon, answer same questions again, read book
8.25am meet anethetist, answer same questions again, read book
8.40am meet surgery nurse, answer same questions again, read book
9.00am nurse arrives to take me to surgery
9.01am remember to take off glasses
9.05am nurse & anethetist finally find vein in hand they can use
9.06am out cold
9.50ish am try to take iv out
10.10am regain full awareness of surroundings, have two tampons in mouth, very dry throat and tingly knees(wtf)
10.25am back to ward from 'recovery', sleep
10.45ish woken by nurse to be asked about drugs to take home - cannot speak, no idea what she's talking about
10.50ish woken up, offered tea (no thanks)
10.55ish woken up, tampoons removed
11.00ish woken up, offered biscuits, crunchy biscuits? no thanks, allowed water
11.10ish woken up, offered tea + biscuits, asked if I want to 'pass water'
11.30ish woken up, offered tea + toilet
11.50ish woken up, offered tea + biscuits + toilet
12.10ish woken up, offered biscuits + toilet
12.35ish wake up all by self, have iv removed, go to 'pass water' - successful yay am allowed to go home
12.50ish manage to get dressed
1.05pm collected by bioguyver, get ring back, fall asleep in car on way home
1.30pm sit down in front of tv to watch something, fall alseep
2.50ish wake up and go to bed, read two pages of book, sleep
3.55ish wake up, drink water, resist urge to look at gums, put vaseline on lips and sit in front of telly, fall asleep
5.00pm call mother, leave message on ansaphone, go to bed again, read two pages of book, sleep
7.30pm wake up, drink water, consider food, reject food,
8.30pm call mother, listen to horror stories about surgical proceedures when under general (thanks mum, not helping)
8.45pm cook squashy baked beans, eat, take drugs (legal), watch tv, fall asleep
10.30pm wake up on sofa, get up, go to bed, read 1 page of book, sleep

7.30am Wake up, drink coffee, look at internet, watch tv, fall asleep
12.30pm wake up, read book, small sleep
2.00pm make mushy soup type food, too hot leave to cool, 'help' bioguyver in garden
3.00pm eat mushy soup type food
3.30pm go to bed, read 6 pages book, fall asleep
5.50pm wake up, debate getting up, decide against, bioguyver gets home, decide to go out for food
7.00pm find soft food on menu, order, eat try manfully not to fall asleep
9.15pm get home, watch tv, amazingly do not fall alseep
11.00pm to bed, no book, sleep.
Tags: ouch
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