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Stuff done

Not entirely sure why my body decided that it was TIME TO GET UP at 4.46am today.
Not the most auspicious start to the week, however, the halls of school are noticeably quieter due the absence of year 11, so my day was massively easier to deal with. Tomorrow is even better with no actual lessons to teach, leaving plenty of time for filing and organising the new curriculum stuff for September.

I had a somewhat apathetic weekend enlivened only by finally ticking off 'Visiting Borough Market' of my-things-to-do-when-I-remember-that-I-want-to-do-them list. The visit included some very nice bubble 'n' speak eating and apple wheat beer drinking so thanks to souldier_bluefor letting me gatecrash. I'll definitely head back there with some cash in my pocket because who doesn't want to buy lots of cheese, chocolate and yummy sausages.
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