mrsbioguyver (mrsbioguyver) wrote,

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Whine, whinge, blah, blah, angst and torment.

things that I am crap at

  1. getting off my bottom to do things that I want to do
  2. fitting in
  3. communicating with people in a meaningful way
  4. saying the correct thing at the right time
  5. wearing high heels
  6. watching the last episode of Blackadder goes Forth without crying
  7. giving up smoking
  8. not making a complete fuckwit of myself in social situations
  9. having an argument without crying
  10. understanding computers
  11. having fun without feeling guilty
  12. forgetting to wear skirts that I've bought

things that I am good at

  1. reading books
  2. chemistry (mostly)
  3. being organised for school
  4. cleaning stuff up
  5. being incredibly naive/gullible at times
  6. eating chocolate
  7. buying skirts
  8. sleeping in the afternoon
Tags: deep thoughts
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