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WARNING: some LINKS in this post.

I wasn't one of the original internet/web users who frequented BBS things with IRC and that and I haven't been doing the internet since 1993 etc.*, but I have had a reasonably fast connection to the interweb for about 4 years and have always enjoyed finding what is out there. I read lots and lots (and some more).  I think what I chose to amuse myself with says something about me. So (some of the) things I like to read ...

This person I really enjoy.  Mainly because they do many of the things around London that I'd like to do if I had any real time to do them. (not a slacker - just lots of school work).
I'm sorry to say I do occasionally make comments about others dress sense, so these ladies are another site I read regularly.

Can I also point out that I'm a bit of a geek, hence I have a deep love of Star Trek
in it's many forms**. This particular weblog was a brilliant find for me when I found it (via this site, where I also found RAoR, Belle, Girl and Scary Duck - who incidentally I also came across via B3ta.com, a site that I like even though I can't 'do' photoshopping). 
I wasn't a big 'Wesley Lover' although I most definitely didn't hate him the way some people did. I guess I just enjoy seeing that he's escaped the 'child star' curse.
He also writes some very good posts and is currently reviewing some of the
earlier ST:TNG episodes and they are very funny.

boing boing & linkbunnies are sites that I'm sure everybody knows about
that I enjoy casting an eye over.

Those are my site sites for regular checking (when the f'ing broadband is
working properly). I also like to check out Consumerist although they are concerned mostly with American problems. BMEzine blog when I'm feeling brave.
I think this is fascinating look at 'normal' life & she has spawned a whole word; to be 'dooced'.

I'm a science geek so Ben Goldacre is frankly a hero of mine. This makes me drool.
How sad do you think I can be?

That's by no means all of them, I've got about 300 links I my bookmarks folder, and I can hand on heart say I look at 90% of them regularly.
What's that I can hear?
"Get a life?"
You think?

I read print*** too. Loads of books. Some magazines, depending on my mood. Regularly it's Private Eye, that I've read for ages and only started to understand properly in the last 3/4 years, I'm  a proud subscriber to Good Housekeeping (yeah, yeah, laugh it up: Whatever at least I can get stains out and cook a pretty nifty sponge cake, actually)

* I have had my hotmail address for about 7 or 8 years though
**My favourite is
ST:TNG, then Voyager and DS:9, sorry purists not a great fan of the Original and haven't seen Enterprise - I kept thinking 'Quantum Leap' when it was advertised.
***That's paper.