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Finally, I am finished, all marking done, all marks on the stupid, stupid 'Online Mark Capture' website that runs off steam and gears.

I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with all this free time that's suddenly appeared.
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plus & minus

+ flat is super tidy
- this is because the landlady came to visit (imagine the most annoying person in the world and then multiply by INFINITY)

+ have finished The Marking
- being sent another 300 papers (might come on wednesday and the deadline is still next monday)
+ more money though

- bioguyver has injured himself playing football - this caused me more anxiousness than I would have expected.

+ I remembered to post both cards on time for Fathers Day

+ sunshine
- rain


With everything else that has been going on I managed to completely forget that it was my mothers birthday on Monday.

Not totally, a late phone call brought the memory rushing back into my brain, so at least I spoke to her on the actual day. Not out of the will yet, but there's sure to be pleanty of snarky commenst for the next few years.

Stuff done

Not entirely sure why my body decided that it was TIME TO GET UP at 4.46am today.
Not the most auspicious start to the week, however, the halls of school are noticeably quieter due the absence of year 11, so my day was massively easier to deal with. Tomorrow is even better with no actual lessons to teach, leaving plenty of time for filing and organising the new curriculum stuff for September.

I had a somewhat apathetic weekend enlivened only by finally ticking off 'Visiting Borough Market' of my-things-to-do-when-I-remember-that-I-want-to-do-them list. The visit included some very nice bubble 'n' speak eating and apple wheat beer drinking so thanks to souldier_bluefor letting me gatecrash. I'll definitely head back there with some cash in my pocket because who doesn't want to buy lots of cheese, chocolate and yummy sausages.

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I feel fully justified in believing the extra-curricula company I'm working for is utter rubbish as they have been described as such in Private Eye.

Latest incompetence indications were a training session for 100+ people where only 32 turned up some of whom had found out the night before when & where the session was, having to extend the current deadline due to their website being crap and reassigning markers to random team leaders because they'd forgotten that their original team leader had failed their standardisation test and then not telling anyone what they'd done.

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Dear Body,

we need to talk.

Lets deal with the good stuff first.

Commendations on dealing with the teeth extraction the other weekend, super job. A small fraction of the expected pain, minimal swelling and no major bruises. Gums are healing up okay so that can be put on the success board I think.

However, Tonsillitis, really?
Why would you think this was a good idea right now. I'm sure you're aware that my work load has increased massively on the last few days and that having to deal with the feeling of swallowing razor blades isn't really helping focus my energies.

Can we resolve this issue asap please.

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